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DI-M Thérapies Naturelles

Alternative medicine practice

Map and access information

DI-M Thérapies Naturelles

Place De-Grenus 10
1201 Geneva

Presentation of the institution

You are welcome at DI-M Thérapies Naturelles, alternative medicine practice for a medical appointment in Geneva.

  • Tatiana Campeggi specializes in craniosacral therapy
  • Adrien Déturche, Tommaso Orlando specialize in manual lymphatic drainage
  • Isabelle Schramm specializes in psychology
  • Mike Azkoul, Jerry Di Martino, Cédric Peduzzi specialize in therapeutic massage

For further information or to book an appointment, call at 022 900 00 75.


Craniosacral therapist
Manual lymphatic drainage therapists
Therapeutic massage therapists



What is the address of DI-M Thérapies Naturelles?

DI-M Thérapies Naturelles sees patients at Place De-Grenus 10, 1201 Geneva.

What is DI-M Thérapies Naturelles's phone number?

The phone number of DI-M Thérapies Naturelles is 022 900 00 75.

What are the specialties practiced at DI-M Thérapies Naturelles?

DI-M Thérapies Naturelles offers consultations of craniosacral therapy, manual lymphatic drainage, psychology and therapeutic massage.

Does DI-M Thérapies Naturelles accept new patients?

DI-M Thérapies Naturelles accepts new patients.

Does DI-M Thérapies Naturelles offer video consultations?

DI-M Thérapies Naturelles does not offer video consultations.

What languages are spoken at DI-M Thérapies Naturelles?

DI-M Thérapies Naturelles offers consultations in French, German, English, Spanish and Italian.

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