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Ms Lengrand, TCM naturopath in Arzier-Le Muids

Ms Isabelle Lengrand

TCM naturopath


Naturopathy (TCM)
Energy therapy
Bio-energy therapy
Energy rebalancing
Craniosacral therapy


Cabinet d'Isabelle Lengrand (Genève) in Geneva
Cabinet d' Isabelle Lengrand (Arzier) in Arzier-Le Muids

Map and access information

Cabinet d' Isabelle Lengrand (Arzier)

Chemin des Campanules 11
1273 Arzier-Le Muids

Presentation of the healthcare professional

En cas d' urgence ou de non possibilité de RDV, vous pouvez me téléphoner directement ou laissez un sms ou un email.

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What are the addresses of Ms Isabelle Lengrand?

Ms Isabelle Lengrand receives patients at the following addresses:

  • Cabinet d'Isabelle Lengrand (Genève)

    Rue Adrien-Lachenal 26
    1207 Geneva

  • Cabinet d' Isabelle Lengrand (Arzier)

    Chemin des Campanules 11
    1273 Arzier-Le Muids

What languages does Ms Isabelle Lengrand speak?

The languages spoken by Ms Isabelle Lengrand are: French.

What is Ms Isabelle Lengrand's website?

The website of Ms Isabelle Lengrand is https://www.isabellelengrand.c...  .

What are Ms Isabelle Lengrand's phone numbers?

The phone numbers of Ms Isabelle Lengrand are:

Does Ms Isabelle Lengrand accept new patients?

Ms Isabelle Lengrand accepts new patients.

Does Ms Isabelle Lengrand offer video consultations?

Ms Isabelle Lengrand does not offer video consultations.

What are Ms Isabelle Lengrand's specialties?

Ms Isabelle Lengrand performs naturopathy (TCM), bioresonance, fasciatherapy, homeopathy, energy therapy, etiopathy, bio-energy therapy, energy rebalancing and craniosacral therapy.

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