Praxis Johanneshof

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Praxis Johanneshof

Langegasse 43
4104 Oberwil

Langegasse 43, 4104 Oberwil

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Your are welcome at Praxis Johanneshof, medical practice for a medical appointment in Oberwil.

  • Dr Gerecke, Dr Fehlmann, Dr Sager, Dr Tschalèr, Dr Fischler, Dr Grütter, Dr Beyl, Dr Schumann specialize in anesthesiology
  • Dr Jeanneret-Gris-Iseli specializes in angiology
  • Dr Hess, Dr Rickenbacher, Dr Kiencke specialize in cardiology
  • Dr Felix, Dr Stahl-Schnider, Dr Rutishauser specialize in endocrinology and diabetology
  • Dr Plack, Dr Gerhards, Dr Vögelin specialize in general care medicine
  • Dr Frey Tirri, Dr Humburg, Dr Balestra, Dr Knotek, Dr Haenggi-Bally, Dr Huemer specialize in gynecology and obstetrics
  • Dr Tarr specializes in infectiology
  • Dr Niederberger specializes in intensive care
  • Dr Hurni, Dr Angelini, Dr Ruffo, Dr Martius, Dr Miserez, Dr Nisslé, Dr Hirt specialize in internal medicine
  • Dr Jost specializes in medical oncology
  • Dr Jehle specializes in nephrology
  • Dr Schultze, Dr Fischer specialize in neurology
  • Dr Rasch specializes in nuclear medicine
  • Dr Siepen, Dr Müller specialize in orthopedic surgery
  • Dr Ritter, Dr Misteli specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation
  • Dr Barandun specializes in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery
  • Dr Peukert specializes in psychiatry
  • Dr Breitenbücher specializes in pulmonology
  • Dr Hänggi specializes in radio-oncology and radiotherapy
  • Dr Ott, Dr Hirschmann, Dr Ederer, Dr Hügli specialize in radiology
  • Dr Mathys, Dr von Arx-Küng, Dr Koella, Dr Meier-Fiorese, Dr Glaser, Dr Rouden, Dr Stoll, Dr Lamm specialize in surgery

For further information or to book an appointment, call at 061 401 11 22.



Endocrinologists (incl. diabetes specialists)
General practitioners (GPs)
OB-GYNs (obstetricians-gynecologists)
Infectious disease specialists
Intensive care specialists
Nephrologists (kidney specialists)
Neurologists (incl. headache specialists)
Nuclear medicine specialists
Orthopedic surgeons
Physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists
Plastic & reconstructive surgeons
Pulmonologists (lung doctors)
Radiation oncologists

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