Centre Médical de Vidy Route de Chavannes 9A / 11 Lausanne

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Centre Médical de Vidy Route de Chavannes 9A / 11 Lausanne

Route de Chavannes 9A / 11
1007 Lausanne

Route de Chavannes 9A / 11, 1007 Lausanne

Presentation of the institution

Your are welcome at Centre Médical de Vidy Route de Chavannes 9A / 11 Lausanne, medical center for a medical appointment in Lausanne.

  • Dr Léonard specializes in chiropractic
  • Dr Loireau specializes in endocrinology and diabetology
  • Dr Hess specializes in gastroenterology
  • Dr Terrail, Dr Mercier, Dr Bagutti, Dr Meyer-Battaglin, Dr Preitner, Dr Del Cuadro, Dr Tagan-Revaz, Dr Eddé, Dr Couret, Dr Verhille, Dr Gilliéron, Dr Estermann, Dr Vogel, Dr Antonini Revaz, Dr Zaugg specialize in general internal medicine
  • Dr Seraj, Dr Akram specialize in gynecology and obstetrics
  • Dr Chapuis-Taillard specializes in infectiology
  • Dr Dongo, Dr Mahmutovic specialize in orthopedic surgery
  • Dr Pinnagoda specializes in pediatric surgery
  • Dr Elowe-Gruau, Dr Benkebil, Dr Senly-Zryd, Dr Ezri, Dr Roulet specialize in pediatry
  • Dr Shahidi specializes in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery
  • Dr Giorgis specializes in psychiatry
  • Dr Breitenstein specializes in pulmonology
  • Dr Rochani specializes in surgery

For further information or to book an appointment, call at 021 622 88 88.

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