Spital Walenstadt



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Spital Walenstadt

Spitalstrasse 5
8880 Walenstadt

Spitalstrasse 5, 8880 Walenstadt

Presentation of the institution

Your are welcome at Spital Walenstadt, hospital for a medical appointment in Walenstadt.

  • Dr Förstermann, Dr Hilbig specialize in anesthesiology
  • Dr Schmidt specializes in angiology
  • Dr Good, Dr Svaral specialize in gastroenterology
  • Dr Vogt, Dr Brantschen specialize in general care medicine
  • Dr Jörimann, Dr Lautenschlager Pawlik, Dr Lymann, Dr Ott Hämmerli, Dr Grosheintz-Laval, Dr Steiner specialize in gynecology and obstetrics
  • Dr Müller specializes in intensive care
  • Dr Ribeiro specializes in internal medicine
  • Dr Greuter specializes in medical oncology
  • Dr Schiesser specializes in nephrology
  • Dr Pawlik specializes in ORL (otolaryngology)
  • Dr Eppinger specializes in orthopedic surgery
  • Dr Good-Hunger, Dr Dammann Galliver specialize in pediatry
  • Dr Frühauf specializes in pulmonology
  • Dr Thommen, Dr Gresser, Dr Hämmerli, Dr Riederer specialize in surgery
  • Dr Warzinek specializes in urology

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