Clinique de Genolier



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Clinique de Genolier

Route du Muids 3
1272 Genolier

Route du Muids 3, 1272 Genolier

Presentation of the institution

Your are welcome at Clinique de Genolier, clinic for a medical appointment in Genolier.

  • Dr König, Dr Racz, Dr Tatti Dubouchet, Dr Culebras specialize in anesthesiology
  • Dr Chamberod specializes in angiology
  • Dr Verin, Dr Mock specialize in cardiology
  • Dr Zabot specializes in cardiothoracic surgery
  • Dr Pasche-Koo specializes in dermatology and venereology
  • Dr Berger specializes in endocrinology and diabetology
  • Dr Fréchet, Dr Derder specialize in general care medicine
  • Dr Seidler specializes in gynecology and obstetrics
  • Dr Leggieri specializes in infectiology
  • Dr Loizeau specializes in internal medicine
  • Dr Jaquinet specializes in maxillofacial surgery
  • Dr Helg, Dr Aapro, Dr Kirchner specialize in medical oncology
  • Dr Carota specializes in neurology
  • Dr Patet specializes in neurosurgery
  • Dr Guignard, Dr Bernier, Dr Papazyan specialize in nuclear medicine
  • Dr Seite, Dr Bédat, Dr Zanone, Dr Pagin, Dr Al Cheikha, Dr Bachelin, Dr Wettstein, Dr Gazielly specialize in orthopedic surgery
  • Dr Elias, Dr Prevot, Dr Gliksman, Dr Dudrap specialize in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery
  • Dr León Giraldo specializes in psychiatry
  • Dr Lahzami, Dr Nicolet-Chatelain specialize in pulmonology
  • Dr Hodina Grecu, Dr Verdon, Dr Schlup-Pidoux specialize in radiology
  • Dr Jaccard specializes in rheumatology
  • Dr Leuenberger, Dr Sermier, Dr Chevalley specialize in surgery
  • Dr Vaucher, Dr Tawadros specialize in urology

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