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Clinique CIC Montreux


Map and access information

Clinique CIC Montreux

Rue du Grammont 2
1815 Clarens

Presentation of the institution

You are welcome at Clinique CIC Montreux, clinic for a medical appointment in Clarens.

  • Dr. Dominguez specializes in anesthesiology
  • Dr. Adamec, Dr. Hassanzadah specialize in cardiology
  • Dr. Murisier, Dr. Pache specialize in gynecology and obstetrics
  • Dr. Rocca specializes in neurosurgery
  • Dr. Bildé, Dr. Diederichs, Dr. Montesinos, Dr. Stanovici, Dr. Villa specialize in orthopedic surgery
  • Dr. Cosendey specializes in surgery

For further information or to book an appointment, call at 021 989 22 33.



What is the address of Clinique CIC Montreux?

Clinique CIC Montreux sees patients at Rue du Grammont 2, 1815 Clarens.

What is Clinique CIC Montreux's phone number?

The phone number of Clinique CIC Montreux is 021 989 22 33.

What are the specialties practiced at Clinique CIC Montreux?

Clinique CIC Montreux offers consultations of anesthesiology, cardiology, gynecology and obstetrics, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery and surgery.

Does Clinique CIC Montreux accept new patients?

Clinique CIC Montreux accepts new patients.

Does Clinique CIC Montreux offer video consultations?

Clinique CIC Montreux does not offer video consultations.

What languages are spoken at Clinique CIC Montreux?

Clinique CIC Montreux offers consultations in French, English, German and Spanish.

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